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Important Information for Ferret Owners

MaFF publishes a variety of ferret related information. These are the electronic forms of these publications. For more information about how to obtain hard copies of these publications, please call the Ferret Hotline at (781) 224-1098.
What is the Domestic Ferret?
Ferret Facts
Care and Feeding of the Domestic Ferret
Veterinarians Who Treat the Domestic Ferret
So You Want to Adopt (or Foster) a Ferret
Your Ferret, A Lifetime's Commitment of Care
Traveling While Fuzzy
Ferret Sitters
Why Should I Adopt a Ferret?
Ferrets Lost & Ferrets Found
Stories and Experiences from Ferret Owners
Share your experiences and stories with other proud fuzzy parents. Its a to brag and read about other people's ferrets!

Ferret Laws

MaFF attempts to keep its members up-to-date about new laws regarding ferrets, and any information regarding those laws. Massachusetts ferret owners are lucky, not only are our fuzzies legal, but we have a 10-day quarantine law, so they're protected, even if they bite someone. Here's some information about the current state of ferret laws and information regarding laws pertaining to them.
Massachusetts Ferret Laws
Rabies Laws and Information
The Fight to Legalize Ferrets in California